Adult Devil Jumpsuit Men’s Costume – Size: L – Polyester


Tired of always being the good guy? Try out this exclusive Adult Devil Jumpsuit Costume and see how you like the dark side!

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Well, Speak of the…You’re a thoughtful person. Or maybe you’re not. Maybe you own a selfish attitude and everybody likes you for it. We don’t know you. We get all sorts of customers on this lovely site of ours. One thing we do know? Everyone’s personality has ups and downs. One day you’re doing the dishes and cleaning out the refrigerator and the next day you borrow your roommate’s car and don’t gas it up before parking it in its place. We get it, not all wrinkles can be ironed out! Plus, a flawless person is one that doesn’t have any good stories! While you might sometimes steal from your friend’s stash of chocolates and sing loudly in the shower while other people are trying to sleep in, you make up for it in your own way. So here’s to embracing your flaws and whims. Be bad this Halloween, you can make up for it later… we suggest with cookies. Product Details & DesignZip into something extra nefarious with this spikey-tailed red jumpsuit. The sleeves are cinched in with elastic at the wrists for a sporty look. The hood has a pointed look at the forehead for a subtle widow’s peak, and has stuffed black horns on top. If you’re looking for a disguise that’s both sporty and spooky, you’re sure to love this look!All Smoke, No FireWhile this devil is perfectly classic, we can’t really see him trapping his souls in a pit of fire and brimstone. His hell is more of the elevator music blasting while you’re stuck in traffic and your eyelids are sticky for all eternity kind of torture. Finish this costume off with red makeup, gloves, and a pitchfork and everyone is sure to know that you’re up to no good. And hey, if you rile up some trouble on Halloween night, remember that all can be forgiven with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!