Adult Cute Devil Costume for Women – Size: M – Polyester


Adult Cute Devil Costume for women features hooded red dress with a devil’s tail, wings and horns.

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Bad to the BoneSome people try to hide their dark side. You’ve seen them before. They’re those people who are wound up so tight that they’d explode if they saw anyone jaywalking. How incredibly boring! The reality is that sometimes you just need to embrace your bad side. You need to double dip your potato chip in the communal party dip. You need to eat your dessert before you eat your meal. Maybe you even drive a few miles above the speed limit! The point is, sometimes it’s fun to cut loose, especially when it comes time for the next costume party.So, what kind of costume shows that you’re ready to break a few rules? What is the ultimate look for a rebel without a cause like yourself? Nothing screams troublemaker quite like this Adult Cute Devil Costume for women.Design & DetailsThis women’s devil costume comes with a fiery red dress that has a zipper in front for fitting. The skirt has a blazing fire pattern, adding a scorching touch to the look. The back of the dress has an attached tail with a spike at the end and the wings will make you feel like a real wing-a-ling kind of devil. Finally, the hood, which has a pair of black devil horns, can be easily flipped up to finish off the look. It’s enough to make you feel ready to indulge your bad side!Pursuing the Bad Girl LifestyleIf you truly want to pursue the life of a bad girl, then you might want to think about adding a few extra details to your devil costume. Make sure you grab a trident to torture any poor souls who get caught in your devilish game. You might also want to check out our full selection of stockings and shoes to complement your look!